We are Looking for You!

Be part of fun activitiesOur clubs are open to any man aged between 18 – 45. We are a non-political, non-religious organisation and welcome people from all sorts of backgrounds and nationalities. In our eyes a window cleaner has just as much to offer their club and community as a high court barrister. To find out if there is a club in your area, please use the map. Club contact details are obtained by selecting the pin in your location. Get in touch with us and come along for a couple of non obligation meetings.

The cost of being in Round Table is minimal, it works out at about the same cost as having a normal night out. We don’t have expensive fees or fancy uniforms and we encourage you to try us out before joining. We’ll be upfront with you and have nothing to hide, there are no funny handshakes or creepy initiation ceremonies in darkened basements!

So get out of the office, flee the van, away from the grind and meet some brilliant people.

If there isn’t a club in your area why not get one together? We are able to provide you with promotional materials to attract members and all the information needed to form and run a successful club. The members area on this website contains everything you need to get you started. Essentially we just want to put decent people together to have some fun, make friends and do some good in their local communities. Clubs across the country differ greatly in their activities and projects, no two are the same, yours might be all about the social activites, whereas another may have an emphasis on community. Even better if your partner and family can join in some projects and shared social functions.

Ladies Circle is the girls versionNew Ladies Circle of Round Table, a similar club that promotes the same values as Table. It isn’t a knitting circle or jam and Jerusalem, instead young women out there having fun and trying out new activities. Our aim is to start Ladies Circle clubs alongside our existing Tables. Ladies Circle’s point of difference being that it isn’t a stuffy business club or any old social club, but an organisation that promotes lasting friendships, enjoys social events and also gives back to local communities. Click Here to see what the Ladies of Christchurch have been getting up to.

As we focus on people aged 18-45 we are all at a similar stage in life and have similar motivation. So if you are new to an area or want a challenge, we’ve got a winning formula we want to share with you.

11025633_725940687527039_6785993252550922914_nOnce Round Tablers reach 45, they are usually welcomed into ’41’ Club. An association of ex-Tablers, across New Zealand and the world. Their aim is to carry on the friendships that have been forged in Table, help Table recruit new members and still do some good. Please check the Links page to find their website and others.