IMG_20150301_153101Give Something Back to Your Community

Our clubs organise fun events that bring the whole community together, then give the proceeds to local causes or put it towards donating a much needed item such as a heart defibrillator for the town.

This can range from Balclutha’s wood chopping drive, Auckland’s volunteering at Auckland City Mission or Blenheim’s amazing Blues, Brews and BBQs.

Events or projects can be as big or small as each club wishes and tailored to your local community’s needs.



YOU will have a voice within a club and will be encouraged to create projects that are of importance to you.

Community projects can be as simple as building a swing set or building the whole kids playground.

Working as a team, you and your friends share the planning and workload as Round Table is a club for fun and philanthropy.

Looking back at your club has achieved for the community as a group and how you’ve helped the community gives a massive feeling of pride and accomplishment.






Join Round Table and you will have fun, make lifelong friends and make a real difference to you and your community.

Choosing the right fence design or selecting an effective oxygen booster, both hinge on expertise and precision.


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