Round Table in a Nutshell

Are you a secret society?

In a word – No.

Is Round Table time-consuming?

Round Table clubs meet twice a month with other events mixed in. It is entirely down to you how much you put in and, like everything in life, the more you enjoy it the more you want to do it.

What it will give you is a couple hours every few weeks when you can be yourself and the rest of the world doesn’t matter.

Is it just for businessmen?

No, we have every trade, job, profession including directors, postmen, plumbers, lorry drivers and even estate agents.

Is Round Table a fundraising organisation?

Members often get involved with their local communities, helping others and supporting voluntary organisations. However, it’s as much about giving time and skills as fundraising, and whatever clubs do, it’s always about having fun!

Aren’t you a bit old fashioned?

What we offer is timeless, it’s been working for us for 80 years. The organisation keeps evolving and redefining itself, although the basics are the same.

We are about trying new experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have tried, with friends you wouldn’t otherwise have met. You can have fun, learn new skills, put something back into the community.

Is it only for middle-aged, middle-class men?

We are aged between 18 and 45, from all sorts of occupations, social and ethnic groups and backgrounds. It is this variety that makes the Round Table experience so interesting.

Is it expensive?

It only costs what you want to put into it, no more than the average night out.

Is it formal?

It is different from club to club. There are times when business is conducted and it will feel like a business meeting (the club’s events and finance need to be managed), and we have the odd ‘black tie’ do. Most events are casual and informal. We don’t wear a suit to go paintballing or white water rafting!

What’s in it for our families?

Activities such as fishing trips, dads and lads camping, family BBQ’s, sports days etc.

I’m not sure about being in an all-male club; do you do things that also involve my partner and children?

Your club will have many activities which include your family. Having a blokes-only membership offers us some man-time when the conversation can solely be rubbish about football, broadband speeds, cars and cell phones!

As we are focused on the needs and welfare of young men and achieve this through fun, friendship and fellowship. Issues such as male loneliness, depression, sexual violence and suicide validate our clubs continued existence.

Why are over 45′s excluded and what’s wrong with men over 45?

We are a club for men aged 18-45 and nothing, we have a club for past members over 45. There are also plenty of other clubs for men over 45. Having an age limit on clubs is actually a protected characteristic under the New Zealand Human Rights Act 1993.

Age restrictions exist in clubs like Scouts, but why in Round Table?

Children’s clubs have age restrictions because they outgrow their activities. People continue to change throughout their adult lives too. Some of the things our younger members like doing aren’t of interest to older and past members.

Do you have to be invited by a member to join?

Nope – Round Table is totally open. Most people come along for a few weeks to see what it’s like before they decide to join. We are actively encouraging anybody to give it a go – Click Here to find clubs in your area and see for yourself. You’ll be under no obligation and you will be made very welcome.