Area Cricket – Otago** V Otago


Cricket game held in the weekend at Lake Waihola between Mosgiel and Balclutha Round Tables (with a couple of ring in’s from Gore in attendance). **Still all in the blue and gold embrace.

Great conditions, but the outfield was not quite up to the standard of the University Oval. Some great cricket played, while some very poor cricket also in evidence. This is restarting an annual tradition that has not been run for over 5 years.

Mosgiel scored 184 off their 20 overs, with Balclutha scoring 202 off their 25 overs (they state that there was only 20 – but that was up for very strong debate), and declared themselves the overall winner. Great family day with full teams able to be fielded, with a BBQ before start, and a couple of drinks breaks held during the innings.



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  1. John "Pihi" Neave Avatar
    John “Pihi” Neave

    A few Cricket and general facts:-
    * Balclutha is in Otago. South Otago to be exact but still in the Blue & Gold embrace.
    * Balclutha scored 220.
    * It only seemed like Balclutha had more overs because Mosgiel started with 15 fielders who slowly got bored and wilted to 9ish.
    * Why did they get bored? Lack of heart perhaps? Fear? Or the fact that Balclutha were beating them like a red headed step son?!?!

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